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:iconptolemaiosls: Greetings TEBF fan group, now I can finally announce the prizes for the EBF Winter Contest that finished a bit more than a month ago I will be updating to my gallery and the group gallery all the prizes, will also update this journal with future work.

3rd place:  :iconf1r3m4hl4z0r:  

Epic Battle Fantasy Winter Contest - The Fog by F1R3M4HL4Z0R

prizes: a sketch of Flandre Scarlet, a character from the Touhou Danmaku series.

2nd place: :iconragnaul:

An EBF December by Ragnaul

prizes: a sketch of a kitty cat with some weapon and a digital artwork of the entire EBF crew

1st place: :iconchiculo:

Long scarf by Chiculo

prizes: a full detailed digital artwork of a dragon and a sketch of Lance


so for now this is what i have done, will update future progress.

:iconchiculo:              sketch:                              Contest Prize - Chiculo Sketch by PtolemaiosLS
.                         full detail digital artwork:

:iconragnaul:             sketch:                               Contest Prize - Ragnaul Sketch by PtolemaiosLS
.                        digital artwork:

:iconf1r3m4hl4z0r:             sketch:            


This is for now, uf!, I bid farewell people this guy need some sleep, have a lot of work yet to do.

:icontebf: Ptoleman out :iconptolemaiosls:
sevonoulses Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Jakobs going to be thrilled when he heres his prize is of a cat!
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Submitted on
February 7, 2012