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Welcome, here is the founder of this group speaking, I´m PtolemaiosLS :iconptolemaiosls: and my co-founder :iconmiragician: and we gladly present you to this new "Tales of Epic Battle Fantasy" group :icontebf:, its main purpose is to be a direct connection between the watchers and the progress of our comic project "Tales of Epic Battle Fantasy" (TEBF), you will be updated with all the concept art, this group will have special updates, sketches that can only be seen in here and tons of special activities for the members of this group like naming characters for the comic, voting in certain designs, get advances of the plot and much more.

:iconptolemaiosls: In this comic Im the director, artist and along with :iconmiragician: we are baking a really epic story for the fans to read!, we appreciate a lot your participation in this group.


Now to the Winter contest, this contest was originally from  :iconebf-fans-4ever: but whe are having certain problems in the administration of the group, and the founder :iconwhoatethewaffles: WhoAteTheWaffles
he stated :iconebf-fans-4ever will be closed this 31 january, i quote

:iconwhoatethewaffles: "Mark your calenders, cuz this group is closing up shop January 31, 2012."

well, thanks to this problems and for  the sake of not letting EBF fans down, we are taking in charge of the Winter Contest.

rules, prizes, everything remain exactly the same, so don´t worry!

So, without more waiting here we have the winner of Epic Battle Fantasy Winter Contest!!

I will note the winners to let me know what they want as a prize ^^!

third price won a sketch from me, and it belong to f1r3m4hl4z0r :iconf1r3m4hl4z0r: with this entry called "The Fog"…
well done!, congratulations!

for the second place, we had a very wintery Xmas entry from Ragnaul :iconragnaul: called "an EBF December"…
you won a Digital Artwork and a sketch from me!, congratulations!

and now for the first place we have a really awesome entry from one of the best EBF fanartist, this lady is from the far lands of Japan, do you know who I´m talking about?, of course you do! everybody let´s hug Chiculo! :iconchiculo: with her entry Long Scarf…

congratulations!!, you won a High end Digital Artwork and a sketch!

and so, remember I said rules and prizes were the same?, i lied!!!

thanks to halcyonicfalconx :iconhalcyonicfalconx: herself, the composer of all the EBF music we all enjoy, we got a spicy extra prize! a free CD from her!, we are very surprised by this generous gift, thanks a lot Halcyon for supporting this contest!

Please visit her amazing work in her newgrounds account :iconhalcyonicfalconx:


That´s all!, we are working very hard to make the best EBF comic we can get, so please enjoy the development of it! we will publish the group rules and guidelines in a close future.

and for the problems in :iconebf-fans-4ever: this group admins crew voted for not speaking about it, we do not want any extra problems, please contact :iconwhoatethewaffles: for more information about this.

:icontebf:  stay in tune, Ptoleman Out :iconptolemaiosls:
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WhoAteTheWaffles Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Student Interface Designer
On top of that, I took into what :iconmiragician: said, and he's right.
So I'm doing what he told me to; so here's what I did.
You, my friend, are out of the group.
And if you wouldn't have been such a derp and checked YOUTUBE, I had the results posted.
Seriously, take down the part about the results now.
I'm done with you and you lame ass.
GTFO now.
YOUR group is for YOUR business, not for MY group's business.
WhoAteTheWaffles Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Student Interface Designer
The FUCK are you doing?

I uploaded a video with the results, and you ASSUME you can just go ahead and announce them for me.


I'm pissed.

I declare you, PTL, stripped of your rights as a contributor.
PtolemaiosLS Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist

well, I also want to add some little examples of my art so people know what the prizes meant

High quality digital artwork [link]
digital artwork [link]
sketch [link]

instead of he digital artworks, you can choose a mixed media [link] or a photomanipulation [link]
PtolemaiosLS Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
damn I ainīt first >_<
Ragnaul Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hah, nice! The winners were pretty predictable, but it was still cool to actually compete in something.

And the group is shutting down next year? Say it ain't so! D:

Is there a specific reason, or would Waffles prefer no to say?
PtolemaiosLS Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
congratulations for your participation in the contest!, you should ask :iconwhoatethewaffles: directly about that matter
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Submitted on
December 31, 2011